Aerospace Committee

Bianca Rhodes, 2024 Committee Chair
President, CEO Knight Aerospace

Jeff Fair, Program Vice President
Vice President, Economic Development and Cybersecurity, Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce

The Aerospace Committee convenes business and civic leaders to encourage industry growth and job creation through strategic planning, partnerships, and public policy advocacy. San Antonio is one of the top ten cities in the United States for maintenance, repair, and overhaul operations and is the geographic center of a growing private sector space industry.  With over 6,000 people employed in the aerospace sector in San Antonio the industry has an estimated economic impact of $3.4 billion annually. 

The Committee has several current initiatives designed to help move the community forward:

  • Airport: The Committee assists the City of San Antonio airport office with collecting feedback on the airport plan and advocating for funding approval so the airport can continue to improve services and become a key part of city growth.
  • Port of San Antonio: The Committee supports the Port of San Antonio and its efforts to generate a healthy foundation of the local aerospace industry to include the repair and long-term maintenance of the Kelly Field Runway.
  • Education: The Committee partners with several aerospace education foundations to enhance the quality and reach of PreK-12 aerospace education in the region and post-secondary programs locally.
  • Industry Feedback: The Committee regularly collects and publishes industry feedback on career roles and workforce availability.
  • Private Sector Space: The Committee is working to connect San Antonio businesses with federal and private sector opportunities in the space industry.
  • Workforce: The Committee continues to define pathways for people and students interested in an aerospace career to include internships, educational programs, retraining, and military transition.

2022 - 2023 Aerospace Directory

The San Antonio Aerospace Directory is a comprehensive list of Aerospace companies and organizations within the Greater San Antonio region that contribute to the education, workforce development, and business operation of the Aerospace industry in San Antonio.

San Antonio has a long history in aviation and aerospace dating back to the Army’s first military flight at JBSA – Sam Houston on March 2, 1910. Today, there is a significant maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) presence, but new and emerging fields in research, engineering, manufacturing, aerial refueling, and drone operation are beginning to put San Antonio at the forefront of the aerospace and even commercial space sector.

This directory is intended to be a visual representation of the strength and size of the Aerospace industry across various sectors, and shine light on the various education opportunities, cutting edge research, and innovative practices happening here in San Antonio. As the gateway to South Texas business and serving as a key intersection between Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, Corpus Christi, and the Rio Grande Valley, San Antonio is poised to be a leader in the aerospace industry for the foreseeable future.

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